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Ink Jet Printing Help
Your DeskWriter®, Bubble Jet Printer®, Stylist®, or Style Writer® will only print as good as the INK and PAPER support. The better the INK and the better the PAPER the better the PRINT!
The Paper You Print On

The paper you use in your printer may just be plain copy paper, the same as used in your laser printer and copy machine or it may be the best Ink Jet Paper available. The cost per page will vary from about 5¢ to over a dollar. All the makers of Ink Jet Printers sell their brand of Ink Jet Paper. This type of paper is specially coated to retain the liquid ink as it dries on the paper. At the same time the ink is drying, it is bonding to the coating. The result is a smaller dot( finer print) with greater resolution and a more permanent print.

Although each printer manufacturer has their own brand of paper, the best "Ink Jet Paper" sold at your office supply store will give your ink jet printer the best print possible. Standard copy paper often gives a feathered look to the print. This paper will not retain the ink if it gets wet near as well as the best of the coated papers.

Colors print more crisp and with greater detail on the best coated paper. The water fastness of the ink is greatly improved as well.

The trade off with the finest coated paper is that the coating is normally only applied to ONE side of the paper. The back side of this special paper is often worse than the worst of the copy papers for ink jet printing.

The Ink - What We Can Do

Your Ink Jet Printer contains an ink supply in what is known as the ink cartridge or Ink Tank. All printers have some kind of replaceable ink reservoir. This reservoir or cartridge is designed to be consumable and renewable. Some manufacturers have designed the print head as an integral part of the ink reservoir while others have made the head a replaceable part of the printer itself.

We have found little difference between the output of the two types of printers. The differences come from the life and the cost of the most expensive part of the renewable supplies. The differences are obvious when one examines the cost of the various cartridges. The cartridges with integral print heads are about $10 more than the simple reservoir. The OEM separate print heads may cost over$100. It is for this cost that it is important to use the finest filtered inks in all printers, and even more important in these separate printers. We filter our Ink Jet Ink to 0.22 microns, the industry standard is twice this size. No cleaner inks exist on the market. And we have been making ink jet inks since 1987.

Sorry there is no white dye - it could be called "Bleach" White only comes in a pigment.

Two Types of Color

Dyes are used to make inks black and other colors.

Pigments are used to make inks black and other colors. They are more permanant than dyes. Bleach doesn't remove them.

What is the difference between dyes and pigments? Dyes dissolve in solvents, pigments don't.

Pigments are more light fast than dyes and will not run in water. Dyes are easier to use because they dissolve and can be washed away. Pigment particles tend to stick to things and plug things up. Things like Ink Jet Print Heads

Only a few Specialty Printers use Color Pigments. All the Home and Office Printers available at the office supply and computer supply stores use dye type inks for colors. Specialty Papers do make a difference in your printing.

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